Ocean Data Interoperability Platform



The project management structure consists of the following bodies:

  • Steering Committee, chaired by the Project Coordinator NERC-BGS
  • Project Office at NERC-BGS to assist the Project coordinator for daily management and to support the Steering Committee
  • Work package leaders, coordinating individual work packages
  • Technical coordinator MARIS acting as Deputy coordinator assisting the Project coordinator
  • Partners Committee with all partners, chaired by the Project Coordinator

Steering Committee (SC)
The Steering Committee (SC) can be considered as the overall scientific and
financial management and coordination board of the ODIP project. All important
decisions regarding scientific and technical activities, finances, priorities,
remediation actions, etc. will be taken within the SC. The tasks, responsibilities
and competences of the SC can be summarised as follows:

  • Decision making body for ODIP project regarding scientific and technical activities and hereto related financial and person power planning, including decision making about priorities
  • Monitoring of progress of all scientific and technical activities within the Work Packages of ODIP, including taking of remedial actions in case of delay in progress

For practical reasons the SC meetings will be organised to coincide with
the 9-monthly ODIP workshops. The SC is chaired by the Project Coordinator NERC- BGS.

Partners Committee

All partners will be represented in the Partners Committee, that will organise and meet  as ODIP Workshops as part of the WP2 activities. These workshops will take place alternatively in Europe, USA and Australia and will be open for additional participants from the ocean data management communities. The Workshops will be dedicated to presenting and comparing best practices in each of the regions with the aim to stimulate overall awareness, to identify communalities and differences, and to explore solutions for tuning and achieving interoperabilities. The Workshops will bring all together to benefit from each other's achievements and diffuse 'best practice', to exchange ideas and experiences for future activities, to monitor and assess the progress on planned activities within the project, and to create a sense of community between the regions to contribute to an harmonious adoption of common standards in the regional infrastructures and to gain insight how to best implement the development of the global infrastructure. These Workshops joined by the Partners Committee and possible invitees are essential for the ODIP implementation.

The Project Coordinator is Helen Glaves of NERC-BGS; the Technical Coordinator is Dick M.A. Schaap of MARIS. 



This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no [312492] and continued funding from the European Union's HORIZON 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation under grant agreement no [654310].